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Try the real taste of Milano
Let’s introduce ourselves: we are Gigio Bonfanti and Chiara Rizzo. We run our small business company in catering and turistic services. We are private chefs and we could serve you a typical milanese meal in your favourite place in town. We can manage for you a fresh pasta cooking class, a napolitan pizza one or a delicious team building with your colleagues. 
We are always available for all your parties. 
We think food is the basement for all italian culture, and our dinners are always a gate to enter more in Milanese culture. Since 2018 we’ve extended our activities, including new products as walking tours, to discover the milanese history and hidden corners.


Cooking class
Handmade lasagna

We will prepare togheter, from scratch, a delicious handmade fresh lasagna or fettuccini à la bolognese (or with vegetarian sauce or pesto) and the best tiramisù you could imagine. We promise!

Catering and
personal chefs

Taste a delicious ossobuco with risotto or the veal cutlet, and much much more! We will prepare for you a tailor made menu and serve it at your place, or at our’s, a milanese ringhiera house

Taste the real Milan
walking tours

Since we started hosting cooking classes and private dinners, we use to walk with our guests to show the hidden treasures of Milan. We studied, and from 2018 each day we run two tours: join us!

About us

Healthy standards and high competence

Gigio and Chiara own a regular licence as personal chef and for catering services. We follow all the best international healthy eating standards.

Our knowledges served with passion

We’ve started our small business company in catering since 2015. We have extended our activities since 2018, including new products as the walking tours.


This experience with Egidio and Chiara was extremely unique, exciting and fun.


The menu, the presentation, the food, the experience. They made our Christmas Eve completely unforgettable. One of the best, if not the best meal and experience during our vacation.


Chiara +39.349. 81 85 737
Gigio +39.389.14 55 407


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10:00 – 13:00, 18:00 – 23:00
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